Process Analyzers

Process Analyzers

On-Line Process Analyzers
What are Process Analyzers ?

The word analyzer coming from the root word analyze, meaning to look into, breakdown, interrogate, isolate and identify, examine methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations.
Analyzers are scientific instruments that perform the task of analyzing and measuring samples of interest.

If you were to become inquisitive about the composition of your favorite soft drink (CocaCola, Pepsi,etc) and wanted to know its could analyze it with an analyzer, of some type, and discover their  "secret" formula.  If fact the producers of soft drinks, themselves, utilize analyzers to ensure a consistent, high quality product for their consumers.

This website is about process analyzers. What is a process you ask ?  A process is the industrial working, creating, transforming materials ,of some sort, to create a new or improved product.

To go a step further, on-line process analyzers are our focus. What is on-line analysis ?  On-line means analysis that is automatically made near or at the point of the process we want to sample. This is opposed to laboratory analysis in which the sample must be manually extracted, captured, transported and injected into an analyzer.

Product Quality

Analyzers more today than yesterday, play a critical role in assuring products meet the specifications of the end users. In order to control product specs, fast reliable analysis must be available to the Operator and/or control system.


It is the law and the responsibility of producers to minimize emissions into the air, water and soil. On-line analyzers have been been a vital factor in realtime identification of exceedence of emissions.  Upstream analysis gives operations personnel the ability to make timely changes to avoid violations.


Last But Not Least....In fact the most important role of realtime analysis is Safety.
If we stop and think about it, these analyzers assure that the process facilities continue to operate.  Leaks, spills, fires, explosions, etc.....can directly effect the Product Quality and Environment.
The loss of product, uncontrolled release of toxins, the damage to equipment and the potenial for injury or loss of life puts these analyzers as a priority to any process facility.


The industries that utilize on-line process analyzer is enormous and growing as the technology evolves. Both Environmental and Safety analyzers exist in all process industries. The use of on-line process analyzers for product quality is ever expanding to make processes more efficient and the production of higher quality products.
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