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On-Line Process Analyzers
Welcome to "On-Line Process Analyzers,

We are a site dedicated to those who depend on, design, repair, sell, install.....etc.etc...and those that occassional "cuss" analyzers used in the Process Industry.

It is hoped that the site will unite the community and bring an exchange of information about to assist all of us.
If all goes well, there will be a sharp decline in the useage of Rogaine....so dump any stock holding in               !!!!

The site is intended to be a one source reference stop for all of us in the industry as well as those interested in our field of endeavor. The site is global but currently only english is available.

For you manufacturers, distributors, service providers, salespersons and others....this site is attempting to put Google out-of-business ???
Well..,at least we do intend to minimize the number of searches each day by potential customers trying to find the exact information, services and products you have available.

All companies will be afforded a "free" listing in our A-Z Index of companies. 

Vistors may become listed members. Their membership information will be available to all companies and the other members, unless they otherwise object.

Since this ain't Google, obviously it will take a while for industry to recognize our name. Daily contact with other Analyzer Professionals will prove the power of association... "word of mouth". 

We hope this venture is one that seems workable to you.  We are open to any and all suggestions you might have.

"You Keep Us On-Spec"
Pappy, Editor-in-Chief

Level I     (Free Listing of your company in the A-Z general listing.  It may include company name (Bolded). Short business description/contact, phone/fax, email, website, etc... not to exceed 10 lines.
To add a link to your email / website there is a $120/$120 or both $180 (annual fee).
Level III +     ( $300 / annual)
Same as Level I with three additional categories (total of four) or additional  (branch) locations  plus a link to your company website/email contact at each listing.  Addition listings $60 each.
email me
Level II   ( $240 annual)
Same as Level I with additional category  or branch location listing plus each linked to your company website/email contact
Level IV   Advertising
( $400/600 each / annual)
Small/Medium company logo or graphic in a category w/ link to your company website.
Advertising is based on annual contracting.  Starting date may commence at any time and is renewable one year later.

Some types of advertising may be be short term and exempt from the annual type contract....such as a training class/seminar/trade shows, etc.

Advertising cost quotes are exclusive of any applicable tax.  Currently, no taxes are levied on internet ads.

Ads will be published ASAP upon receipt of Purchase Order. 
All payments are due within 30 days of actual ad being published.

TheAnalyzerGroup is only human and we make mistakes.  It is the responsiblity of the contracted client to insure the ad is as expected both in looks and content.  If it is not correct or not to the clients expectations, notify us immediately.  We will work with you to present your ad(s) as you wish.  Any (advertising) time lost due to mistakes will be compensated by extended contract time. 

From time to time you may see your company highlighted, at NO charge to you, with your Logo or Banner ad ......based on company rotations and space available. 

If your company is looking to hire someone, directly (not through an employment agency) you may advertise this position Free of charge.
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